Intelligent Wearable Devices Changing Elder’s Life Style

Talking about intelligent wearable devices, most are designed for young people, few is especially designed for elderly. Thinkrace is always focusing on wisdom endowment, perhaps it’s not a headline, but indeed this device can improve elders’ life quality. So far intelligent wearable devices don’t no longer to young people, let’s get familiar how the intelligent wearable devices are changing elders’ life style.


1.Security protection

We all hope that our friends and relatives are healthy and safe, but compared with young people, it’s easier to have health problems for elderly. If you can’t be aside of them, intelligent wearable devices can be used to protect them. The model PT88S launched by Thinkrace is one device designed especially for elderly. If the elderly fall down, just press SOS and the emergency person can be contacted and emergency service can be offered.

2.Health Management

  PT88S can trace wearer’s heart rate, daily activity and historical trajectory, and inform emergency contact person when abnormal is detected. Children can remind old people to take medicine and eat through APP.

3.Avoid loss

After illness like dementia, it’s easier for them to get lost.PT88S can be used to avoid this happening. Children or the care organization can set a safe zone, when the wearer goes out of the safe zone, an alarm will be triggered.

4.Aging modification

PT88S shows Thinkrace’s efforts of more than ten years in the wised elderly care industry and has a great breakthrough in aging modification. Compared with traditional elderly intelligent bracelets, PT88S comes with a big red button on the right side, user just need to press the red button when danger happens and children or the organization will receive rescue message. At the same time voice message can be sent to users making the usage easier for elderly. Especially for aged people with degeneration of vision and motion, the device is easier and more convenient to use.


Based on advanced technology such as Internet, IoT, big data, cloud computing, together with the management idea of elderly care industry, Thinkrace has developed one complete solution of wisdom elderly care including hardware + platform + APP with the goal to solve home care problem.