Improving the Management of Outworkers With Smart Watch

Improving the Management of Outworkers With Smart Watch

Outworkers refer to sanitation worker, patrol agent, road mender, ranger, security guard, cleaning clew etc. This is a large group, and the outworkers always work outside and spread everywhere. It is difficult to manage the outworkers with a simple and easy application. Firstly, the GPS location could be not accurate, which could not fulfill the requirement of accurate location for patrol agent. More than that, we will not be able to transfer the outworkers correctly because of that. Lastly, SOS should be enabled with the application in case of emergency, so that the outworkers in danger could ask for urgent support.

Regarding as the concerns we mentioned above, Thinkrace provides outworker management solution together smart wearable devices and developed IoT technologies.      The smart watch that Thinkrace provides for outworkers could apply to sanitation worker, patrol agent, road mender, ranger, security guard, cleaning clew etc. The casual device supports phone calls and voice message. With the device, we could get accurate location data from Beidou, GPS, WiFi or LBS.


Multi-Location Method: The device supports be located by GPS/Beidou/WiFi etc. The monitoring team could get real-time location and track the device user anytime, and deploy the outworker crews accurately. More than that, we could set up geofence with the tracking platform. Once the user gets out of the geofence in office hours, alarms could be triggered to the tracking platform.

SOS: In order to provide the outworkers security service in case of any emergency or danger like traffic accidents, SOS button has been enabled with the bracelet. Once they were in danger, the outworkers could have press the button to contact the management team for help.


GPS  Watch

The smart bracelet provided by Thinkrace is the best option for the outworker management, since we could get the location data any time, arrange the human resource in a proper manner, and improve the operation efficiency. The excellent design team from Thinkrace will also provide customization service and product to fulfill all your project requirements. Different sensors will be integrated with the main chips from MTK or Qualcomm. Thinkrace will also share the engineering documents to our client, such as Gerber or BOM. We support to customize the IoT product and solution to fulfill your requirements. You are welcome to contact us.


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