What are the Advantages of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System?

What are the Advantages of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System?

BeiDou is the global navigation system self-developed by China to fulfill the requirements of national security and economic growth. It provides accurate location, navigation and time signal on 24 hours a day. With hard working in IoT business for 15 years, the products provided by Thinkrace also have been enabled with BeiDou location as one of the multiple location methods. Now we are talking about what are the advantages of BeiDou location?

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BeiDou Positioning Accuracy

BeiDou system is the first navigation satellite system enabled with triple-frequency and high accuracy. The target will be located with triple-frequency, which highly proves the locating precision and system stability. If one of the triple frequencies stops working, we can change to locate the target with other two frequencies. From the point of positioning accuracy, BeiDou system could reach to 4-5 meters on the ground, and 5-6 meters in the sky, but GPS system is 5-10 meters on the ground. Obviously, BeiDou is more accurate. 

BeiDou Text

BeiDou system has been applied to special populations over recent years. With its navigation, location and text functions, BeiDou system has supplied security service for special populations such as the elderly, the children and the disabled people. We could create electric fence, send out SOS with BeiDou system. Our mobile phones could get system alert after setting up electric fence in BeiDou system when the user is getting out of the electric fence. With BeiDou system, you could send out text to keep in touch with your crew whenever you are sailing in the ocean or travelling in the mountain forests.  

System Security

Like other satellite navigation system, BeiDou system operates with the satellite and central computer-controlled system. The positioning analysis is completed with the central computer-controlled system, but not with the terminal devices of system users. In order to avoid the security risk that the control system stops working, synchronous data link control (SDLC ) has applied to the system. Once the central system was out of control, SDLC will keep the system running still on the end. When China was developing BeiDou system, the risk has been looked into, especially for the military equipment installed with BeiDou system. Even if the system was not working properly, the military equipment, like a fighter, could get back to the base with inertial navigation enabled within Beidou system. 

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The 4G tamper proof GPS watch provided by Thinkrace Technology has been enabled with GPS & BeiDou location. The product has been applied to many countries in Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, etc. Thinkrace has been focusing on people positioning and health management with the smart wearable devices. The smart bracelets compatible with Beidou system have been certificated with CE, RoHS, FCC in the western markets. With the patents owned by Thinkrace, we are providing our brand clients the smart watch ODM solutions packaged with the product development, design and manufacture. 

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