Securing Your Safety Round-The-Clock With Super Tamper Proof Bracelet

The super tamper proof bracelet released by Thinkrace could apply to mental/severely sick/senilepatient management, community correction, and epidemic monitoring. With the Beehome management system, we could manage the monitoring project smartly and efficiently, because they system will locate the users accurately, monitor their healthy data all day, manage different users with level-to-level administration, and set up different alarms for different situations. 

Doubling of Tamper Proof to Hugely Improve Monitoring Efficiency

The strip of GPS tamper proof watch developed by Thinkrace is made of soft mental, and not easy to be cut off. The user could deploy the buckle to prevent watch slip. The special screws, which is used to lock the watch strip, will not be removed without the packaged screw driver. If the watch strip was removed violently without permission, the watch could have triggered alarms to the monitoring platform, and then the system operator could real-time track the location, and take action in the first place. 

Monster Battery Life and Watch Proof IP68 to Easy Secure Your Life

The GPS tamper proof watch developed by Thinkrace has been certified with IP68, which means you could wear it in the shower, and wear it all day. There is low-battery alarm enabled with the watch, and we could charge it magnetically. The product package includes portable power bank to get the watch charged easily. 

Healthy Support by Monitoring the Heart Rate and Body Temperature

The GPS watch is inserted with heart rate and temperature sensors, which will constantly monitor the user’s heart rate and temperature. In case of epidemic project, we can get body temperature of the user without touching. We can also set up the warning values of heart rate and temperature via the tracking platform. The alarms could have been generated in the system, once the system was updated with device data, which is more than the warning value. 

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