Securing the Workplace and Employee Safety in Mines

While the mobile Internet is being upgraded to IoT (Internet of Things), location is the key point to connection the world of Internet and the reality. With the smart solution of IoT, we are able to manage and prevent the risk. Locating the device and device users accurately could help us to protect the company, company employees and the property. Let’s take the Underground Miner Tracking System as an example. It will protect miner safety in the tunnel, develop the global and visual security platform for the mining companies, improve the safety efficiency, and upgrade the smart mining system. 

Enabled with multiple functions, such as real-time location, tracking, electronic fence, SOS, video call, the Underground Miner Tracking System blends the smart tracker with location technology, in order to get the data through the hardware, software and application, and provide accurate location and navigation. 

The Underground Miner Tracking system provided by Thinkrace will support to track real-time location, and play back the miner’s movement. You will be able to check when the miner or vehicle gets in & out the mine, how long they stay in the mine, how many miners there are in the underground or on the surface, how many miners staying where, how many alarms triggered in the system, who the miners are staying overtime, etc.… With the platform, many different smart alarms could be set up and triggered, such as the exceeding or short-handed alarm, SOS alarm, overtime alarm, left-stranded or arbitrary-leaving alarm. 

In the point of mining companies, the top priority is to monitor the mining operation to protect the miner’s safety and keep the business running. With the advanced location technology, Thinkrace can help the mining companies for their digital transformation and mining safety. Since 2006, Thinkrace has been focusing on IoT cloud platform and smart wearable devices certificated with CE, RoHS, FCC in the western markets. With the patents owned by Thinkrace, we are providing our brand clients the smart ODM solutions packaged with the product development, design and manufacture. 

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