Process of How to Develop the Customized Product for Project Requirements Phase IV Software Development

Thinkrace provides customization service on software development and operation, in order to fulfill the project requirements, as well as application requirements.

The software development involves different smart devices, such as Bluetooth, RFID, GPS watch, smart watch, OBD etc. We will support on cloudy server building, installation of monitoring system, mobile App development, and the customization of watch firmware. The service list includes:

4 .1 监控系统

4 .1.1 我们是您的项目定制系统登录页面的网址/公司标志/背景图片。这个工作需要两个工作日。 

4.1.2 We will install the monitoring system on your owned server with customization on system functions, the communication protocols between smart devices and the server, the API(Application Program Interface), etc. You will be able to integrate different smart devices within the same monitoring system, and the data security and system management could be promised. It will cost two working days for this job.

4.1.3 The monitoring system could be installed and operated on the cloud server you rent, or the local server you have. We could help to rent, to set up and to maintain the server for your project. It will cost one working day to set up the server. If needed, we could provide the maintenance service for your server and the monitoring system. 

4.1.4 To fulfill the project requirements, we could help to modify the database structure, the work logic, the communication protocols, the communication interface, the rule of data transmission and data encryption. We will support MQTT(Message Queue Telemetry Transport), and customization on the tracking platform for GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation).With the tracking platform, you can also share the device data to other system by open API. 

System Architecture & Device Data Flow

GPS Software
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4.2 Customization on Mobile App and WeChat Small Program

4 .2.1 我们将支持在Andriod & Apple iOS 系统中定制手机App。 

4 .2.2 支持微信小程序定制。 

4.2.3 We will support customization of HTML5 program. 

4.2.4 We will support to develop API for data sharing to your system. 

We have developed more than 300 mobile applications and small programs in WeChat for the global clients. For example, 

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