How to Deploy Traxbean Beacon as Indoor Positioning Solution?

Traxbean Beacon, is the indoor positioning solution, newly released by Thinkrace and combined with Beacon and Wifi extender. The solution costs low with accurate location data provided, and could be deployed and maintained easily in many scenarios. Here comes the process to deploy it.

Firstly, we should upload the building layout into the monitoring system. You can decide where we should set up Beacon and Wifi extender, or Thinkrace could provide you the design. 

Secondly, each Wifi extender matches the only MAC address. You can take the address as the Wifi ID. We should mark IDs of Beacons and Wifi Extenders on the layout.

Thirdly, we should put the Wifi extender or Beacon on the place we select.

After all the steps above, we could search out the indoor location of Thinkrace smart watches via monitoring platform or mobile APP. The indoor location error will be less than 5 meters.

This is how to deploy the indoor solution. If we want to monitor the indoor location of another building, you only need to repeat the steps above with the new layout.

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