No Needs for Traxbean Beacon Solution

1. No need for onsite checking. The supplier will provide online support, but you can deploy the solution by yourselves, no matter where you are located at. 

2. No need for building construction. We don’t need to change anything of existing building, such as network infrastructure, electrical equipment etc.

3.No need for software development. Thinkrace will provide monitoring system freely for one year, and will also support on installing the monitoring system on your private server for data security.
4. No need for bulk order. The client could purchase 3 Traxbean beacons and one smart watch for sample testing.
5. No need for renting big server to process the device data, no need for operation team.
6. No need for data security concert. Thinkrace could help to deploy the monitoring platform on your private server without remote access, if the building layout relates to data security.
7 .No need for worrying about the layout update. If you want to monitor another building, or more spaces in existing building, you can add more beacons, or change the existing beacons. It will take few time to change the existing setting in monitoring system.

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