User Manual of Ankle Tracker

1. Device Charging

The tracker will be charged by connecting the cable to the magnetic port. It could take 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the tracker.

2. Device Button

Short press the button for 1 second to power ON the tracker.
While the tracker is powered ON ,the user could short press the button for 1 second to check the LED and device status.
While the tracker is powered ON without SIM card installed, the user could short press the button for 7 times to power off the tracker. The tracker vibrates 3 times to tell it will be powered OFF.
The tracker can’t be powered OFF by pressing button when there is SIM card installed with the tracker.
Long press the button for 15 seconds to restart the tracker. The tracker vibrates 1 time to tell it will be restarted.
With SOS enabled, the wearer could long press the button for 3 seconds to trigger SOS alert. 

3. LED Lights

4. Wearing and Key Function

4.1 Open the back cover with cross screwdriver. Install a NANO SIM and fasten the back cover with screws. The SIM card should support 4G,and enabled with GPRS plan and balance. 
4.2 Wear the tracker on the ankle. Make the strap go around the ankle, and make the strap end go through the metal strap lock ring. Fasten the strap and the ring with special screw.
4.3 Long press the button to power ON the tracker.
4.4 Do not try to open the strap or damage the tracker without permission. The tracker will send tamperproof alert to the tracking platform.

5. Device Tracking 

The tracker supports GPS location for outdoor tracking, and Wi-Fi or LBS location for indoor and outdoor tracking. 
The tracking priority is GPS>Wi-Fi>LBS.
The tracking process is to search GPS for maximum 90 second to get and report GPS location, or report Wi-Fi or LBS location only if GPS tracking fails. 
The tracking follows presetting tracking interval. The tracking interval could be configured by GPRS command. The default tracking interval is 10 minutes.
The tracker supports real time tracking. It will report location immediately after receive a GPRS command from the tracking platform.

6. SOS Alert 

The tracker supports switch ON/OFF SOS alert by GPRS command.
By long pressing 3 seconds, the tracker will have vibrated for one second, and sent GPRS SOS alert data with latest location to the platform if the SOS alert was enabled.
After sending the SOS alert, the tracker will start SOS call process. It will make phone call to the first SOS number for three times until the call is answered. If no answer, or SOS button was pressed again to cancel the outgoing call, it should have called all the other SOS numbers by turns. 

7. Low Battery &Tamperproof Alert

The tracker will keep vibrating while the battery level reduces to 30%,20% and 10% to remind the user to charge it. The user should short press the button to stop the vibration. The tracker will send GPRS low battery alert with battery level to the tracking platform.
The tracker’s LEDs will be on for 3 seconds with vibration when it detects strap opened or broken. It will send GPRS tamperproof alert data with last location to the tracking platform.

8. Mobile Application Guide

8.1 App Install

Please search “Beehome” on Google Play /App Store to download the APP.
Choose “Trust” in iOS Setting -General – Profile
Fill the information to submit the registration.

8.2 Device Enrollment

The tracker can be attached to your Beehome account by inputting IMEI or scanning the bar codeon the back cover.

8.3 Map and Monitor 

8.4 More Functions

More functions including:
Setting SOS number, Setting upload interval, Restart the tracker, Resume to factory settings, Remote power OFF the tracker, Real-time location, Find device, Switch motion detection, Switch SOS function.

9. Command List 


10. Waterproof 

The tracker is splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529.It survived 30 minutes submerged in clean water. 
Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.
Please avoid these to prevent liquid damage:
– Charging a wet tracker. 
– Swimming or bathing in warm water with the tracker.
– Exposing the tracker to pressurized water or high velocity water, such as when showering, water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, jet skiing, and so on.
– Using the tracker in a sauna or steam room.
– Intentionally submerging the tracker in water.
– Operating the tracker outside the suggested temperature ranges or in extremely humid conditions. 
– Dropping the tracker or subjecting it to other impacts.
– Disassembling the tracker, including removing screws .
– Users should also minimise the tracker exposure to soap, detergent acids or acidic food and any liquids like perfume, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, adhesive remover, hair dye and solvents.

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