How to Take Good Care of The Elderly with GPS Smart Watch?

Everybody could fight off age-related memory loss to avoid senile dementia or amnesiac. The elderly, who has been amnesiac, could forget their recognizable faces and places, and be lost in the street. These happens to 60% of amnesiac patients. While being homeless in the street, the patients could be seriously hurt, or killed. All of these could be the same to the senile dementia patients, whose caregivers or family members worry a lot.

GPS Tracker

With fashion and portable design, Thinkrace Tech. has just released new powerful model of GPS watch to take good care of the elderly. This watch works with web-based or mobile-based tracking application, Beehome, and could be located easily. We could monitor the watch users easily, and protect them carefully.


1, Multi-Positioning Mode: The watch could be smartly located by GPS/Beidou/LBS/WiFi, according to individual circumstances.

2, Heartrate Monitoring: The watch will monitor the elderly’s heartrate, and update the record to the server in the real time. It helps to understand the personal health status.

3, Voice Communication: You can make call to the watch user anywhere and anytime, and pay close attention to personal status.

4, Track Recording: You can search out the moving track in the monitoring system.

 5, GPS Fence: You can set up GPS fence with the tracking platform. Once the watch user gets in or out of the G fence, you will get message alerts.

6, SOS Alert: In case of accident, the watch user could press SOS button for help. And then, the monitoring team will get system alert and take immediate action.


The strategy of Thinkrace is to create an eco-system, which connects the families, the carriers, the solution providers and the manufacturers, and to provide better security and health to each family. Thinkrace is the service provider of smart wearable devices, the one-stop IoT solution, the new product and technology for smart health of the elderly, sport and health management projects, security and location monitoring projects etc.

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