The Necessity of the Application of Anti-loss Positioning Care System for the Elderly

Usually the nursing home will hang the old people’s hospital medical registration records, collect data, verify records which are time-consuming and laborious. Through the Internet of Things, positioning technology and big data analysis, The Smart elderly care system of ThinkRace provides one-stop services such as front-end perception, data transmission and data analysis for the elderly. Thinkace intelligent pension system is very suitable for nursing homes and home pension institutions, making the elderly care institutions to deal with the elderly more intelligent and efficient. Provide various services for the elderly, such as organizational system, health examination for the elderly, emergency alarm for the elderly and behavior analysis, in order to improve operation capacity, improve service quality and reduce operating costs;  It provides a service system for the elderly, positioning the personnel of the elderly service institutions, collecting the health information and location information of the elderly through intelligent terminals, providing personalized health tips, emergency calls and other services for the elderly to meet their health needs and life service needs.

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After the outbreak of COVID-19, elderly people are vulnerable to the disease due to low immunity, and nursing homes are where elderly people gather. How to prevent and control the epidemic?  In response to the epidemic, The Smart pension system has developed epidemic prevention and control plans.  Through the positioning and gathering of nursing home staffs, the location, movement track and dispersion of staff can be grasped at any time, so as to reduce the risk of infection and improve the ability of safe disposal. Part of the elderly group refuse to accept the care of dementia elderly, become a difficult problem, they will be limited in thinking, life, social and other aspects of talent, and even accompanied by some abnormal mental behavior.  According to the elderly group, dementia elderly needs classified services, equipped with different smart wearable devices, monitoring and tracking is stronger than ordinary nursing homes.

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Many nursing homes are not willing to accept mentally deranged old people, with ThinkRace’s nursing home personnel positioning system, this pain point can be solved, can save manpower, reduce the labor intensity of nurses and guards. ThinkRace also launched anti-loss system for the elderly, anti-loss bracelet, nursing home handling system, positioning system for the elderly, anti-loss positioning system for the elderly etc.

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