What are the Problems Existing in Power Plant Safety Management and How to Solve Them

1.Habitual violations occur frequently

Habitual violation refers to the behavior of violating regulations such as electrical industry safety work Regulations that cannot be changed in a short term.

2.The analysis of danger points is inadequate

Danger point refers to the location and site where accidents are likely to occur during operation.  In specific work, due to the low safety awareness of some staffs, the whole operation process can not be effectively controlled through the analysis of danger points, and then there are safety accidents.

3.Lack of safety supervision

At present, many thermal power plants have not established effective safety supervision institutions, even if the establishment of safety production committee, it is only at the enterprise level, and has not been carried out to every production link, every production workshop, every staff.
For pain points in power plants in the security management, ThinkRace, based on the industry’s leading science and technology of IOT positioning, the personnel positioning, path query tracking, one key for help, video linkage, electronic fence, super vacancies warning to plant personnel security functions such as fusion positioning management system, can realize the comprehensive coverage of the factory,  Multiple levels to achieve efficient plant management and comprehensive protection of plant production safety, establish and improve the long-term production and operation mechanism.
ThinkRace power plant personnel positioning can realize: real-time locking of personnel position, real-time view where people are, how many people in this area. Track people’s movements, where they go, when they come and go, how long they stay.  Emergency rescue and rescue, danger “one button for help”, based on location information and rapid evacuation and rescue.

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