Shenzhen ThinkRace Technology Co., Ltd

ThinkRace founded in 2006, is an innovative manufacturer focused on providing OEM/ODM service for different kind of IoT devices such as GPS tracker, Wearable device and elderly emergency equipment together with integrated software and mobile app solutions.
Our headquarter is in Shenzhen with branches in India and Canada. We have more than 100 engineers in our in-house R&D center and more than 420 workers in the factory. We can deliver more than 1 million devices per month. We are the leading factory can provide one stop shop services in IoT device design including PCBA, Firmware, and APP R&D department, Back-end R&D department. All our products are developed independently.
ThinkRace is a smart wearable supplier for Special Olympics. We care about not just the business but also providing our technology to the people who really need them.

Our Mission:Use IoT technology for health and safety monitoring

    Safety and health is so important to every people and family. Only when we have safety and health, we are able to enjoy our life, start our business. ThinkRace focus using IoT technology to make it possible for the family to monitor safety and health by themselves. We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and safety goals.

Our Vision

We like to have more partners work together with us to fufill the same mission. We build IoT devices, software, cloud services and the whole ecosystem to connect families, companies and services providers. We would like to see more people can use our technology to achieve their health and safety goals

Millions of family

Our products can go into millions of family for safety and health monitoring purpose.

Companies and Orangizations

Our industrial solutions can help companies and orangizations to protect their employees safety and health. of course the asset as well.

Service Provider And Partners

We would love to be open to our service provider and partners, we share the new technology we develop, we build the ecosystem together, we build the new IoT products together.


     We share our technology with other manufacturers, we would like to see more people can get good quality products with reasonable cost.

ThinkRace Employees

Our team work closely to create value for our clients, they will also create value for themselves.

Welcome to ThinkRace