Elderly Care Series



PT88 is a smart watch for elderly. it combine with GPS, heart rate sensor, GSM chipset, SOS button. It design for elderly safety and health monitoring purpose. The family and the service provider can use the web platform and the mobile app to get the real-time location, health report. When the elderly is in emergency, he can press SOS button, the family and the service provide can get the notfication immediately.



Real-time location


Real-time communication




SOS Panic Button


Long stand by


Fitness Tracker



850/900/1800/1900 MHZ (GSM)

GPS Chipset

GPS, Glonass



Work Temperature

-20 to 60 degree

Stand by current


Stand by time

3-5 days


48 g

Water proof



Traxbean web platform

We are providing Traxbean web monitoring platform. with this web platform we can manage members, tracking the real-time location, location history, manage geo-fences, getting the health report. the traxbean platform also will get the notification when the elderly press SOS button, the management team can locate that people and contact the family to work together to help the elderly. We can help our client or partner to customize this web platform with their own brand or provide API for them to integrate to their own system.

Mobile App

The family and the management team also can use the mobile apps to monitor the safety and the health status of the elderly, for example the location, the status of the smart watch, heart rate report, exercise report. they also can build the geofence to know if the elderly entry or exit this geofence. When the elderly press SOS button, the moible app can get notification by the push message. ThinkRace can help our clients or partners to make their own brand mobile app and publish to Apple appstore and Google play.

Open API

We can also open the data interface according to the needs of customers, so that it is more convenient to integrate the data of community correction platform into other systems, generate an API key through the background, generate a token after encryption, and call the platform data through token as identity card, so as to improve the security.

High Security and GDPR

We protect the user data by using high security system. every data transfer by SSL connection and the data will be encrypted in the server. Our system are complying to GDPR, we work with our partner to implement all the steps.

IoT product customization

We are a leading manufacturer of IOT products and intelligent wearable products in the industry. We can customize different IOT and smart wearable products for different customers. From PCBA design to product appearance design, to product firmware development and platform development, and app development, we have experienced engineers to follow up to ensure the quality of each step 。

OEM / ODM / JDM Process

Our goal is to provide customers with more reliable solutions for the Internet of things. Our manufacturing process strictly follows the scientific process of product development, trial production, and mass production. We will carefully analyze the possible defects in the design process, find out the causes, and conduct enough reliability experiments to ensure the quality of products.

Other Industrial Case

Elderly Care

Provide safety and health monitoring for eldery in case any emergency

Workforce Solution

Manage workforce location arrangement for their safety, health and performance

Athletes Management

Provide real-time location tracking for the sport game for emergency

Kid Safety

Protect kid and getting location during they are on the way to school


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