IoT Hardware Design

100% tailor-make loT hardware
for your requirements wearable, trackers loT device with sensors

Give Life To Your IoT Ideas​

The Internet of Things (IoT) extends mobile connectivity to more people, places, industries, and devices than ever before. With ThinkRace Technologies’ comprehensive design services, We can give life to your ideas for IoT Solutions. We can make the IoT product step by step for you from your early concept.

Smart Wearables

The smart wearables for kid, elderly and everyone in the family for safety and health.

Pet and Asset Tracker

Pet and asset tracker for monitoring the location, activity and environment status.

Advanced Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle tracker with location, TPMS, DMS and driving behavior analysis.

Smart Home

Smart Home monitoring system for enter/exit, activity, gas and fire.

Smart City

Workforce, Offender tracker and IoT devices for facilities in the city, we can monitor location, movement, activity, and status.

Fitness Tracking

Athelets safety and health status monitoring during the games, We arefinding better ways to help people live a healthier, more safety life.

Main Features

We are using technology to ensure the elderly is taking care, we can keep them safe.

PCBA Design

We can get the accurate location of the elderly when they are going out, they will never lost.

Firmware Development

Develop the firmware for the IoT device and implement the best pratical algorithm to make the IoT device work smarter and lower power consumption.

Industrial & mechanical Design

Make the Industrial and mechanical design for a fashion feature and the best user experience. DFA and DFM are integration of the design.

Working Prototype

Produce working prototype to verify all the design. EVT and DVT will be start. Client also can do the PoC when they get the working prototype.

Key IoT Components

Communication Components
2G,3G,4G,NB,BLE, LoRa and many differenct kind of communication components, it is a key to make the devices connect to network.

We are using Qualcomm, MTK, Nordic, TI chipset for our IoT devices.


Environment sensor for tempereture, humidity, air pressure and gas, motion sensor, accelerate sensor, gyro sensor, heart rate sensor and GPS chipset.

Open BOM Model

We will keep transparency for all the main components and sensors we choose. That will make the cost transparency also.

Engineering Culure

Do things right
Our enineers focus on build things to solve problem, they will speak up when things go wrong.

Open Source
We can offer all the design documents and source code for our client/partner during the project.

Project management

We will manage the project together with our client/partner by online porject management platform. It is a way to share information, submit requirements/feedback and control the time and cost of the project. So that we can control the product quality on both side.

Our Factory

ThinkRace manage 15000 square meters factory with 300 workers. There are SMT, Testing, Assembly and relibility test lab in the factory. We are produce more than 3 millions IoT devices per year.

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