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Best Intelligent Solutions

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Best Intelligent Solutions

Industry Pain Points

Safety Problem


How to find the old man quickly

health problem


How to monitor the old people’s lack of health awareness

Elderly services

How can the old man book breakfast, lunch and dinner by himself

health problem

How to master the health status of employees in real time

Scope of work

How to control employees to work in designated positions


Health watch provides GPS real-time positioning, and enterprises can view the real-time positioning of employees at any time

Enterprises need to contact employees to make real-time video calls and realize efficient communication with employees without delay

Once the device falls off, the mobile terminal will receive the alarm notice of the device being removed and give the location of the removed device

Physical health data detection (atrial fibrillation detection, blood pressure measurement, heart rate monitoring, etc.) and real-time feedback to mobile terminal

Set up a safety fence and send an alarm to the mobile terminal as soon as the wearer exceeds the safety range

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