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Best Intelligent Solutions

Industry Pain Points

Safety Problem

How to call for help quickly when children are in danger

Children Playing Truant

Children play truant, don’t know Specific location of children

Restricted Scope

Want to limit children’s activities Range

Historical Track

I don’t know if the children will go after school What are the places

Real Time Call


How to contact in time children

Equipment Shedding

If the child removes the device How to know

Call Barring

If you don’t want to give it to children Harassing phone call


Children press SOS key mobile phone The terminal receives the alarm information and Alarm location

GPS satellite positioning + lbs base Double positioning of station positioning Accuracy of certificate location

Set security fence once Beyond the scope of delineation Send notification to mobile terminal

Children’s history track view, Real time knowledge of children’s history Track of track

Two way real-time video call, Parents and children really realize nothing Delayed and efficient communication

Once the electronic equipment falls off, The mobile terminal will receive an alarm notice

White name can be set on mobile terminal Single, effectively prevent harassment Telephone

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