Vessel Positioning At Sea

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Play at sea

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Sea transport

Best Intelligent Solutions

Industry Pain Points

Real time location

Unable to know the specific position of the ship in real time

Scope management

Unable to control the safe range of the vessel

path of particle

How to view the history of a ship

safety problem

How to send out a distress signal when the ship is in danger


Double positioning of GPS satellite positioning and LBS base station positioning, ensuring the accuracy of both indoor and outdoor positions

Set up a safety fence and send an alarm to the mobile terminal as soon as the wearer exceeds the safety range

Through the self-service meal app, help the elderly to realize self-service meal. The app is mainly based on the operation habits of the elderly, which is easy to operat

Through the mobile terminal, the company can view the historical track of the ship at any time, and effectively grasp the historical track of the ship

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Precision GPS




Waterproofing property

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