What an Exicting Time for Location Service & Market

With the development of IoT  Internet  sensor technology over recent years, the IoT ecosystem has been generated in China market, as the world’s largest IoT market. Taking advantages of China industrial system and Internet technology, traditional electronic firms have been upgrading and integrating themselves across borders to fulfill new demands of China IoT market, such as Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart City, Intelligent Logistics and Smart Wearable Devices. These demands bring new service industries, and new opportunities to development IoT market in China. China IoT has been developed as never before, and this provides Chinese enterprises with great opportunities, innovations, and revolutions for quite a while. In a sign of the IoT time, great potential opportunities exist in location service industry. 

Location technology applies to many different areas in different forms, such as GPS location, Beidou Location, Wifi Location and LBS/5G location. They are providing great values to locate devices indoors or outdoors with efficiency and precision.

 The demand of location service exist everywhere, such as the projects of government planning, chemical engineering safety, traffic management, business operation, logistics, personal communication, social media etc… With the location data generated in the service items, like position, Google Map, searching for road condition, navigation, and the mapping data, and the technology of data digging, we could develop more market opportunities, in order to provide location service, raw data support and visualizing presentation for decision makers, such as the government clients, chemical manufactures, research institutor, and other customers.

Thinkrace Tracking Platform could apply to projects of community-based correction, chemical industry, smart healthcare for the elderly, covid monitoring and prevention. With the developed technology and customized products, Thinkrace could also provide the smart wearable devices and IoT solutions to the partners for projects of smart healthcare, exercise management and workforce safety management. Over the years, Thinkrace has provided customized IoT solution and smart wearable devices for many clients, such as HuaWei, Lenovo, Vodafone, TATA Auto, Allianz etc. Thinkrace is also the solution provider, the supplier of smart wearable devices , and the onsite service support of the Paralympics in AB Dhabi, 2019.

IoT time is coming, as well as the location service demands and GPS technology that has been developed rapidly. The location service provided by Thinkrace could apply to each scenarios, projects, and industries. What an exciting time of location service and market!