While Banning The Cellphone in the School, Smart Bracelet Could Fulfill Voice Call Requirement

Ministry of Education in China announced urgentlythat the students are not permitted to use cellphone in the school,but they are encouraged to use the smart bracelet or smart watch with voice call function. Thinkrace Tech. has just released new product of smart bracelet for this policy, and it also helps a lot on Smart School, Monitoring and Health Protecting Their kids’safety.


Safety Protection for Students

Wearing smart bracelet, the students could keep in touch with their parents in or out of the school. Per requested by the school party, online game or social media APP will not be installed within the bracelet, so that the students will not be distracted in the class. 

The smart bracelet supports voice call without dialing the numbers. The user could set up the white list to prevent scam phone calls. 

The bracelet supports SOS. In case of emergency, they could press SOS button enabled within the smart bracelet for urgent help, and the bracelet will call out to the family members we set up before, and then the parents could take immediate action to work all emergencies.

The bracelet supports online pay. Parents could log their Alipay account onto the bracelet. The students could make the payment without cash, and it improves their safety. 

Parent Control

Parents could make voice call to their kids by the bracelets anytime and anywhere, and they could also locate where their kids are, and set up the GPS fence. 

The bracelet user could create while list to prevent scam calls, and keep in touch with their family members. 

Smart Location: The bracelet user could be located accurately. With the bracelet, parents could locate their kids easily, and track their movements. 

Security Guard: Parents could set up GPS fence for their kids by the bracelet. Once their kids step in or out of the fence, the bracelet will trigger alerts to the tracking platform. 

Leaving Message: Parents could send out SMS to their kids with smart bracelet. The students could check the message when they are available.

School Control

Except for device monitoring and control, the school party could customize the tracking system for more purposes, such as body temperature checking to prevent epidemic, health QR codes. 

Smart watch

The smart bracelet released by Thinkrace Tech. began the era of smart school. It is qualified for the policy announced by the Ministry of Education of China. It makes the school life more convenient, and fix the communication issue between kids and their parents. 

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